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About Fractalicious

Kimberly Rae Hansen

Who would have imagined that through adversity that Fractalicious® would be born; would grow into the company that it is today? In 1999, Fractalicious® founder Kimberly Hansen had a devastating car accident that changed her life. Breaking her back, and twisting her spinal cord in her upper back, she had to re-invent herself and her life, as she could no longer work at her current job. A wife and mother of one, she was determined to find some way to productively fill her time, to find a way to contribute as she had before, re-learning to do it all paralyzed in a wheelchair.

With a background in writing, theater, dance and photography, she knew in her heart she wanted to do something creative. Something she was not able to explore as freely before her injury, but now she had time.

During her soul searching, she discovered fractal art, a digital art form based upon mathematics, full of abstract shapes and infinitely, repeating lines and spirals. Something just clicked. She had found her artistic calling, outlet, and medium. Soon after, a dream was born.

Kimberly began selling her art, traveling to jurried art shows, and building up her reputation as ‘the fractal lady’ in the western United States. While she loved introducing the world to her unique art and educating people about fractals, she had a larger vision. Every show she attended, she was greeted by people asking if her art were available on other mediums than just art for the walls of their homes and businesses. When she began dreaming at night of handbag and scarf designs with her art on them, she knew she had to investigate a way to give her clientele what they wanted. Fractalicious® was born.

The Fractalicious® brand has since evolved to cover art image licensing for manufacturers, as well as help inspire those in the fashion and interior design industries to create their own lines. Fractalicious® artwork hangs in homes and business across North America, as well as art galleries in the western United States, including the prestigous Los Angeles Center of Digital Art and the Museum of Computer Art. Licencing deals have included wearable fashion goods and accessories, home goods, corporate identity materials and graphic and web design, just to name a few and is ever growing. Fractalicious® has a loyal following that look forward to our new bold and whimsical designs each year, while appreciating the quality and edgy fun that is synonymous with our name.

Located in Littleton, Colorado, Fractalicious® strives to remain steadfast in our commitment to exclusive image designs and our friendly, dependable customer service.

Fractalicious® ~ It’s infinitely tasty!