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Fractalicious® offers licensed artwork to manufacturers, inventors, fashion designers, interior decorators and packing design agents, just to name a few.

For Manufacturers - start at our licensed art collection page to find the images that are right for your product or packaging. We currently have over one hundred images to choose from and are regularly adding more collections. All of our artwork files are digital, and can be created at any size, without loss of image clarity.

For Fashion Designers and Interior Decorators – Looking for a unique fabric for your next project? Like to have creative license with your designs so they are undeniably you? Need your project to stand out and grab attention? If you like to have full control over your design projects, consider creating your own fabric and licensing Fractalicious® art. Click here for more information.

See something you like and can use? Hop on over to the contact us page and let us know how we can help color your world beautiful!

Fractalicious® ~ It’s infinitely tasty!

What we offer:

  • Individual Product Licensing Agreements
  • Art Collection Licensing Agreements

Located in Littleton, Colorado, Fractalicious strives to remain steadfast in our commitment to exclusive image designs and our friendly, dependable customer service.

Benefits of Fractalicious®:

  • Over 100 art licensing images to choose from, with new pieces/collections added regularly
  • Digital licensing files created to your specific size needs with ZERO loss of quality and image resolution, REGARDLESS of size
  • Completely unique fabric design options for designers and decorators
  • Brilliance and complexity that is truly eye catching
  • Friendly professionalism. We are here to work WITH you to help solve your product design needs